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30/06/2022 - News

Thank you to all who took part in the event

It has been a special occasion to celebrate 70 years of Buffoli history and to launch the BlueTechHub, the new Buffoli Industries Technology Center.

BlueTechHub was created to bring together innovation and tradition in Brescia, a place with a very high technological concentration which is able to aggregate skills and professionals towards the modern factory 4.0, the most advanced automation, the virtual reality and the artificial intelligence.


The key moment of the event was the round table discussion “2022 watershed of de-globalization: trends, risks and opportunities”, a moment of high sharing with the participation of leading exponents in the academic, political and business world.


The letter sent by the Minister of Economic Development Hon. Giancarlo Giorgietti was read at the opening Dr Francesco Buffoli.


Then it followed the interventions of:

Hon. Patrizia Toia, Vice President of the committee for industry, research and energy of the European Parliament;

Prof. Giuliano Noci, Vice Rector of the Chinese Territorial Pole of the Polytechnic in Milan and full professor of Strategies and Marketing;

Dr. Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Professor of Strategy at the Business Management School of Bocconi University, economic commentator of varied national and international newspapers and radio and television broadcasters;

Prof. Maurizio Tira, Rector of the University of Brescia;

Prof. Marco Nicolai, expert in finance and public funding;

Forelli Piero, CEO Cidneo Metallurgica


Moderator of the event was Eng. Alessandro Marini, expert in digital technologies in support of  Manufacturing 4.0.


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