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The Multiprocessing CNC designed and produced by BUFFOLI with ELECTRO ENGINEERING is specifically designed for the control of parallel processes and the unique demands of a high performance multi-station multi-spindle machine.

Our control features include:
Our 4.0 philosophy
Graphic menus guide the operator through programming, set-ups and tool maintenance. The tool path can be verified through a graphic on the screen.

Simple, quick change over allows for greater flexibility and efficient processing of medium and small batches.

User-friendly shop language programming allows ease of use with the highest programming efficiency (No G or M codes). Graphic menus guide the operator through his choices step by step.

The tool teach mode allows semi-automatic acquisition of dimensional data. Its unique characteristics demonstrate rapid learning and ease of use. Windows-type functionality (such as copy, cut & paste and insert/delete modes) minimizes programming time and effort.
Off-line programming facilitates program portability, i.e. desktop, laptop, local network, etc.

An advanced Multiple Tool Power-Monitoring system, fully integrated into our CNC, allows the detection of tool wear characteristics, simplifying the control of tool costs and facilitating process improvements.
English version
German version

Buffoli and Siemens jointly developed an innovative solution, which uses PROFINET as the link between the BUFFOLI DIGITAL CNC and the digital drives of the SINAMICS series.

This allows high performances, fast real-time communication between the CNC, drives and servomotors as well as a highly flexible bus system. Buffoli designed and produced the first machine tool in the world using a DIGITAL CNC and PROFINET as motion control system. A Buffoli machine has been exhibited in the Siemens booth at BIMU in 2008. The partnership is supported by the University of Brescia.
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