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BlueTechHub is the corporate hub of the Buffoli Industries group and is situated just 400 meters away from Buffoli Transfer Spa headquarters.

The BlueTechHub of Buffoli Industries exemplifies a new way of doing business, creating an open, collaborative, and technologically advanced ecosystem. In a rapidly evolving world, the hub stands as the first private competence center of its kind in Italy, bringing together established companies and startups in the mechatronics and digital sectors to translate 4.0 and 5.0 industrial innovation into tangible reality.

Buffoli Transfer, the driving force behind the project, leads in providing turnkey solutions for the industry. With the support of affiliated companies, Buffoli Transfer can deliver complex, integrated systems, leveraging collective expertise to meet the needs of modern manufacturing. The group collaborates closely with multinational partners like Siemens, ABB, and Zeiss, participating in the new Advanced Technical Institute course with ITS Academy Machina Lonati, designed to train high-level mechatronics technicians, ready to manage sophisticated machines and robotic systems.

The innovation hub also includes Advanced Robotics, which designs and provides robotic systems across numerous industrial and non-industrial sectors. Moreover, the partnership with digital innovation companies like CloudBits enriches the BlueTechHub’s technological ecosystem with solutions in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Additive manufacturing is well represented by 3D Evolve and Weaream, the latter serving as an authentic competence center in additive manufacturing, along with Meltio, a Spanish multinational specializing in DED laser 3D printing systems, represented by Advanced Robotics.

Another key element of the BlueTechHub is the Centro Europeo di Automazione e Robotica, which, through the BlueTechAcademy project, offers intensive, highly specialized training to companies looking to enhance their workforce's skills.

The companies at BlueTechHub receive prestigious recognition, reflecting their excellence. Buffoli Transfer and Advanced Robotics have been recognized as ABB Value Providers, while Buffoli Transfer and Electro Engineering are Siemens Solutions Partners. CloudBits is also a Microsoft partner.

Electro Engineering develops numerical control systems and everything related to them. Bosch Rexroth and Siemens collaborate on research projects developed alongside hub companies, while InterMach provides scheduled and predictive maintenance services to maintain high production standards. These entities are closely connected to CloudBits' developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Through collaboration with business networks like Iobo and Csmt, BlueTechHub promotes digital transformation 4.0 and ecological transition 5.0, guiding companies toward new models of sustainable and digital development.

The BlueTechHub stands out as a unique and revolutionary business model. This innovative network spreads knowledge and inspires growth, helping workers, established companies, and startups face the challenges of the future as leaders in applied innovation. With a structure based on open collaboration, the hub can anticipate market needs, transforming the synergy between different entities into an unstoppable force for technological progress.

Advanced manufacturing and automation

Additive manufacturing

Augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration

Industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, data analyses

Computerized industrial automation




New technological trends

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