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14/02/2013 - News

New Omni-Flex Tri Center 5 axis

Buffoli Transfer SpA presents the
flexible multi-station machining center
Mod. 500 5-axis version
equipped with three 5-axis machining centers and robotized loading/unloading

Discover all the potentialities of the new 5-axis Multi-Center by booking your visit in Buffoli during the BUFFOLI OPEN DAYS
from today till Wednesday 20/02/2013 by our seat in Brescia, Via Stretta 40

During the BUFFOLI OPEN DAYS you will see other CNC rotary transfer machines before delivering them to our customers:

flexible rotary machines integrating multiple turning stations for shafts machining; flexible multi-station machines for complex automotive parts machining; multispindle static bar machines to optimize flexibility with productivity for a variety of turned parts (quick change over and minimum cycle times); motorspindle units; torque motors; high precision inclinable spindles; double production machines for automotive nuts; 4-direction machines (Buffoli patents)…


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