Buffoli Transfer Machines

30/01/2010 - Press review

MANUFACTURING NEWS - Buffoli introduces Trans-Bar Multi-Spindle Non-Rotating Bar Machines

The Trans-Bar is a rotary transfer machine designed and built specifically for high efficiency bar machining with fast changeover. The bars are fed into the machine automatically; the operator has no need to handle single bars. Profiled bars are automatically positioned without operator intervention.

The integrated cut-off system values material cost and tool cost. The 1mm (.040 inch) thin saw blades allow consistent material savings. An electronic monitoring system improves saw blade life, allowing for the programming of saw blade limits, as well as graphical representation of relative saw blade wear. Carbide tipped blades may be used in some cut-off applications.
Buffoli machines feature a rapid turret index time
(0.2 – 0.5 sec.).

The clamping fixtures (chucks, collets, expanding mandrels) are designed for optimum work piece clamping. All clamping fixtures are of the quick change type.
Process capabilities include: cut-off, facing, drilling, boring, reaming and conical and profiled turning, internal and external grooving or recessing, tapping, threading, single point threading, milling broaching, rolling, thread forming, thread milling, slotting knurling, deburring, marking, feature gauging, or even sub assembly of various components, i.e. bushings, inserts or pins…

MANUFACTURING NEWS - Buffoli introduces Trans-Bar Multi-Spindle Non-Rotating Bar Machines
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