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01/07/2022 - News

Live again the topical moments of the inauguration of the BlueTechHub

The inauguration of the BlueTechHub was an opportunity of meeting and sharing, two days dedicated to innovation and to Industry 4.0 towards the new horizons of automation.


Live again the topical moments of the event through the shooting of the two days of “open factory”.


A sort of small exhibition to discover the most modern automated solutions for the factories of the future with the setting of six big CNC multi-spindle transfer machines by Buffoli Transfer, two Abb robotized lines, an artificial intelligence for crack control, a Twins assembly and testing machine; and moreover, components for automation and palletization by Buffoli Meccanismi and Electro Engineering, 3D printers and scanners by 3D Evolve, simulation of Microsoft glasses for virtual and augmented reality, an intelligent factory model interconnected with Mes system and data collection software for Industry 4.0 from machines of various manufacturers.



BlueTechHub is the BUFFOLI INDUSTRY’s competence center for the advanced manufacturing, the additive manufacturing and the automation. The Hub is located in Brescia (Italy) at only 400m from Buffoli Transfer Spa and is able to offer turnkey solutions and integrated services through companies belonging to the same industrial group with specific identities and skills.


Advanced manufacturing and automation

- Rotary and linear transfer machines

- Multi-spindle turning and milling machines from bar

- FMC (multi-centers)

- Horizontal and vertical multi-lathes

- Assembly, testing, filling and laser marking machines (for polymers and metals)

- Applied robotics for a variety of applications

- Bar loaders and palletizing systems

- Integrated automation (upstream and downstream) of the production process

- Tooling and machines' accessories


Additive manufacturing

- 3D scanning and printing systems (and services) for plastic and metal


Augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration

- Hardware and software for virtual and augmented reality

- 3D modeling, sensorization, simulation

- Total and intelligent interconnection

- Turnkey integration of production systems


Industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, data analyses

- Cloud, security and data analysis services

- Surveillance systems and production control


Computerized industrial automation

- CNC, PLC, electrical cabinets, electronic cards, panels and operator interfaces

- Hardware and software for manufacturing, assistance, digital transformation

- Hardware and software for energy efficiency



- Pre-sales and after-sales technical analysis

- Preventive, predictive and periodic maintenance

- Mechanical and electronic revamping and retrofitting

- Process consultation (additive and subtractive), of efficiency and OEE improvement


New technological trends

- Integration of collaborative robots (cobots)

- Reduction of environmental impact

- Dry machining

- Lean production

- Advanced artificial vision

- Artificial intelligence

- FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

- SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die - analysis of tooling times and methods)

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