Buffoli Transfer Machines
Buffoli via Ferrini

10/04/2019 - News


The “Blue Hub” is the new production space of the Buffoli Industries group. Located in Brescia, via Ferrini 24/26, just 400 meters far from the Buffoli Transfer headquarters, this large site has been partially renovated to expand the assembly area of our transfer machines, lathes and 3d-printers and to create a new carpentry for our automation systems and bar loaders, a new warehouse and new offices for the sister companies. The entire site covers a total area of approx. 15,000 sqm with a covered area of 7,400 sqm.

The aim of this expansion is to satisfy the growing requests for purchase orders but also to create a research and mechatronic competence center that can consolidate Buffoli’s position as a reference point for industrial automation on a global level.

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