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BIMU 2002


BUFFOLI TRANSFER S.p.A., the Italian producer of standard and customized transfer machines and turning machines, is to introduce at IMTS CHICAGO (Booth #5630) and at BIMU MILAN (Hall I, Pavillion 19, stand D12) a new line of mill-turning transfer machines, named OMNI-TURN-TRANSFER CNC FLEX.
Designed for high production volumes of complex components, the new OMNI-TURN-TRANSFER CNC FLEX is a patented manufacturing cell based on innovative concepts. This new equipment combines and integrates transfer machine machining processes with lathe machining processes.

Designed as complimentary to the TRANS-BAR CNC FLEX line of multi-spindle static bar turning machines and the existing lines of precision transfer machines, the new OMNI-TURN-TRANSFER solves the challenges of high productivity of complex components while maintaining the versatility and quick change over capabilities necessary for batch manufacturing.

The new OMNI-TURN-TRANSFER is exceptionally efficient for the flexible production of complex precision parts requiring heavy turning operations, combined with a variety of rotating tool operations, such as milling, angular or transversal drilling, broaching, marking, and even assembling and gauging. The main characteristic is that it integrates multiple rotating part processes in a transfer machine; thus offering the opportunity to finish particularly complex parts.

OMNI-TURN-TRANSFERS combine in one integrated machine a cell of 3 to 5 vertical lathes with a rotary transfer machine. This innovative configuration optimizes part quality and surface finish. Critical operations are processed in one single clamping and not sequentially as in traditional transfer machines. Several independent lathes allow for the attainment of cycle times shorter than the longest operation. These lathes allow parallel processing while fed alternatively by an internal manipulator. In the meantime the transfer machine area can be used for any previous or subsequent operation, allowing the complete machining of particularly complex parts.

OMNI-TURN-TRANSFERS integrate rotating part processes with rotating tool operations. The rotating part and tool combination offers the opportunity to manufacture complex parts requiring precision turning operations as well as related multiple machining features and characteristics. Along with the advantages of high productivity (often more than 300% compared with a multi-spindle screw machine), the OMNI-TURN-TRANSFERS offer optimum surface finishes. Those operations critical to part quality and surface finish, (e.g. deep drilling, long profile turning), are not shared, instead they are executed independently, without affecting machining cycle time. The patented combination of parallel and sequential processes provided in this machine, clearly gives an extremely valuable manufacturing advantage.

An OMNI-TURN-TRANSFER is an integrated machine combining a rotary transfer table with a full-featured turning cell containing 3 to 5 vertical lathes. The primary turning operations are executed by rotating the work pieces, each in a single clamping, in several independent lathes. These lathes feature revolver turrets with 6 to 12 tools either fixed or motorized for efficient and flexible machining processes. The rotary transfer table is utilized for those operations executed with rotating tools. These operations can precede or follow those carried out in the turning cell section of the machine. As a result, very tight concentricity tolerances as well as high quality surface finishes can be maintained. Blank or bar loading as well as "in-machine" transfers are fully automatic.
The BUFFOLI product line of mill-turning machines is completed with the TRANS-BAR CNC FLEX family of machines. This group of rotary transfer machines is designed to perform high efficiency bar machining, which features change over times between 15 and 120 minutes. The basic machining elements have been custom engineered for the production of turned parts from round or extruded bar, with a wide range of machining capabilities, including machining in two, three or more directions.
TRANS-BAR machines are manufactured in standard or special versions and may be equipped with movable and inclinable spindles as well as "milling centers" having 3 to 4 axis capabilities. They are produced in three bar size versions: 7 to 25 mm, 7 to 45 mm, and 7 to 75 mm. The first two versions also feature double production capabilities (exceeding 10,000 parts/hour).

The TRANS-BAR machines are not only able to achieve high production rates, but also, thanks to the BUFFOLI multiprocessing CNC, are extremely flexible and versatile. They feature change over times between 15 minutes and 2 hours, permitting economical machining of batches ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 parts.

Since 1961, BUFFOLI has been a European leader in the development of turnkey solutions for the machining of parts requiring precision turning operations and/or multi-sided machining processes. For over 20 years BUFFOLI is the worldwide leader in the production of horizontal axis bar transfer machines for the production of parts within a diameter range of 30 to 75 mm (up to 3").

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