Buffoli Transfer Machines

RTM for Locks & Precision small parts




High speed flexible transfer machine for the production of small and complex parts. The machine can be equipped with an integrated bar loader and cut off unit without the need for an intermediate loading stage (high efficiency).
The machine is equipped with a suspended vertical axis rotary table and  CNC electro-spindles (up to 40.000 rpm)  on CNC cross slides. 
The rotary table carries the CNC horizontal rotary axis satellites with the clamping fixtures.  
The rotating satellites have an independent built-in indexing drive avoiding external engagement systems and consequent complexity and longer idle time.
Angular positioning of the clamping fixtures can be CNC programmed at each station thus offering the maximum flexibility  to adopt different machining strategies for a wide range of 5-sided components.
Clamping fixtures can be designed to allow secondary positioning of the part to complete machining of the 6th side.
The machine is designed to utilize emulsion, integral oil or to operate in dry machining, and, the suspended rotary table and horizontal rotating fixtures makes for an ideal machining and evacuation of long swarf materials.


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