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60th anniversary

After 60 years, Buffoli continues giving life to customers' dreams.

Buffoli celebrates its 60-year anniversary in 2018, commemorating years of creative ideas, innovative designs, and quality solutions.

Buffoli was established in 1958, but its reputation for quality proceeds to 1952 when Mario Buffoli founded an engineering office in Brescia. Over the years, Buffoli has grown into a complete manufacturing facility for precision equipment, always using the latest technology in order to service a wide variety of industries.
  1. 1952
    Engineering Office of Dr. Eng. Mario Buffoli opened in Brescia.
  2. 1958
    Mechanical Workshop was established in Brescia

    Our history as a transfer machine manufacturer began in 1958 with the model TD, a compact linear transfer machine produced until 1972 with over 200 units installed all over the world (including Korea and Japan).
    Since the early 60's the company has shown a strong affinity for international export, thanks to technological solutions and to excellent quality, reliability and productivity
    (2000 parts/hour was a remarkable achievement in the 60's).
  3. 1961
    First Linear Transfer machine
  4. 1970
    First machine in Asia (Japan)
  5. 1972
    First Horizontal axis machine Multi-Way TR

    In 1972 Buffoli introduced the precision rotary transfer machine, equipped with double wall frame, pressurized turrets and chucks, Hirth crowns for the turret positioning, and oleodinamic command (instead of pneumatic).

    The model 2D, presented at the Milan exhibition of 1972, presented a turret rotation time lower than one second, achieved through a turret rotation system actuated through sinusoidal acceleration/deceleration by means of a connecting rod-crank mechanism driven by hydraulic control. This turret, whose rotation was actuated through hydraulic-pneumatic thrust, was far more reliable than other solutions at that time. Buffoli’s rotating turrets have demonstrated the remarkable ability to maintain a cycle time lower than one second, even after working 24 hours per day for more than 20 years.
  6. 1974
    First Vertical axis machine with suspended table Multi-Way TG

    In 1974 Buffoli was the first to introduce the vertical axis suspended table.
  7. 1976
    First 4-Direction machine Multi-Way 4D-TG

    In this year Buffoli manufactured the first universal 4-Direction machine able to execute machining in any direction inside 360° and able to work a variety of different parts (today Buffoli owns several patents for precision MULTI-WAY machines which give machining access from up to 4 directions in only one clamping without chuck indexing, and up to 6 directions when using precision chuck indexing)
  8. 1979
    First Double production machine Trans-Double TRD

    New Building in Via Stretta 40 Brescia

    In 1979 Buffoli moved to Via Stretta in Brescia where the main facility remains today.
    Several expansions have been completed, and a new expansion is programmed for 2019.
  9. 1981
    Transformation into Buffoli Transfer SpA & Buffoli Aut. Ind. Sas

    First Bar machine Trans-Bar TRB

    In 1981 Buffoli manufactured the first bar machine, known as the TRANS-BAR cnc flex. In the same year, Buffoli installed the first double-bar version in the USA. Buffoli remains the world leader in double-bar machines, whose productivity can reach up to 4 times that of a multi-spindle lathe, while obtaining changover times of 60-90 minutes. (Chip-to-chip)
  10. 1982
    First Double Bar machine Trans-Bar-Double TRDB

    First machine in North America (USA)
  11. 1984
    First Indexing Fixture machine for 5-sided machining

    In 1984 Buffoli introduced the first 5-direction Transfer machine. The machine was equipped with rotating fixtures and was installed at TRW to produce completely finished steering housings.

    First machine with Rotating Part Turning (lathe station)
  12. 1985
    First machine with Numerical Control

    In 1985 Buffoli introduced the first transfer machine with central thrust CNC-controlled ball screw spindle. This robust, patented spindle was designed for heavy or exceptionally-accurate machining. The superior rigidity of this spindle made it suitable for high-speed rotating tools, while its compactness allowed it to be easily installed on inclined slides. In the same year Buffoli introduced the first CNC multi-center machine, which began the era of flexibility.

    First FMC/FMS Tri-Center (i.e. 3 NC machining centers around a rotary table)

    In the same year Buffoli introduced the first CNC multi-center machine, beginning the era of flexibility.

    First line of connected machines
  13. 1987
    Establishing of Buffoli Inc. in USA with a local partner in Rhode Island
  14. 1990
    First machine with Buffoli CNC

    In 1990 Buffoli designed and developed its own multi-processor CNC, specifically designed for the control of parallel processes. This advanced control has been installed on all Buffoli machines since 1993.
  15. 1993
    Multi-Processing CNC

    Multi-processing CNC In 1993 Buffoli introduced its own multi-processing CNC.
  16. 1994
    First CNC Indexing Chuck machine

  17. 1996
    Buffoli joined UCIMU (Association of Italian Manufacturer of Machine Tools)

  18. 1999
    Buffoli North America trademark registration

  19. 2001
    First Trans-N-Center Fast
    (Rotary Transfer machine with 3-axis 3-tool machining centers)

    First Omni-Turn (Rotary Transfer machine with multiple lathes)

    Every patent is a prize to our passion. In 2001 two new patents were registered:
    the Omni-Turn, which merges a rotary table with multiple lathes, and the Multi-Process Module.
  20. 2005
    First 5-axis Torque Motor machine Omni-Flex Quattro

    Establishing of a second facility (Buffoli Service in Flero)

  21. 2006
    First Buffoli CNC with Siemens drive in Profinet (digital real time bus)

    First Rotary machine with automatic Tool Changers Trans-N-Center MAXI

    In 2006 Buffoli realizes the dream of flexibility:
    the automatic tool changer for the transfer machine is patented.
  22. 2007
    Buffoli patents the Trans-Bar Double Clamp, a new version with opposing collets
  23. 2008
    First Rotary machine with continuous rotating fixtures

    Direct presence in the USA (in Hudson since 2010)
  24. 2009
    Buffoli won the international Award of Mechanical Engineering
    (Transfer Machines - Innovation)
  25. 2013
    First FMC/FMS with 5-axis

    First Shaft machine Mill-N-Turn
  26. 2016
    A new type of linear machine is born Linear-Flex
  27. 2017
    First Coil machine Trans-Coil TRC-20

    New machines: the Trans-Coil, the Mill-N-Turn,
    the Verti-Center and the Linear-Flex spring Buffoli into the future.
  28. 2018
    New expansion in Brescia